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Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

Microblading Las Vegas

Get full, gorgeous natural brows that last up to 2 years

"Just looking through Portia’s before and after photos convinced me that [Portia] produced the most natural results."

- Blair T. in her Yelp Review

A Perfect 5.0 Rating on Yelp

As of this writing my business iShapeBrows has an incredible, 91+ 5-star ratings on Yelp for a perfect 5.0 Yelp rating!! Of course, no artist is perfect, but if you want perfect gorgeous brows, I am one of the best in Las Vegas based on my Yelp rating. Your initial appointment will generally last 3 hours. At the beginning of the appointment I will talk with you to understand the type of look you want for your brows. Then for the remainder of the 3 hour appointment, I will carefully place each stroke to give you flawless looking brows that look perfectly natural. The results are stunning. Natural. And gorgeous.

91+ of my customers have left a PERFECT 5 star review on Yelp. You will be getting the best microbladed brows. Brows that are perfectly filled. No more gaps, bald spots, and sparse areas.

You will love how natural your brows look, just like so many other of our customers have said on Yelp

In their Yelp reviews, iShapeBrows customers say that they love how NATURAL their microbladed eyebrows look!!

Joanna A. said, “Portia is truly an artist. She shaped my brows BEAUTIFULLY with precision and tailored them perfectly to compliment my face and features. They are very natural which is the look I was aiming for, and ultimately they look even better than I expected-I just love them!”

Nadia L., a customer from California, said, “Love my brows! She [Portia] made them look very natural and full!”

You will also get brows that look NATURAL and FULL.

Full, defined, perfectly filled brows

Creating such a natural beautiful set of brows, is the product of extensive training. Portia has been trained by world class Microblading artists from San Diego, Beverly Hills, and London. I spend up three hours on your brows, making sure that every stroke is perfect in length and curvature.

For each single hair stroke I add, I look at three aspects of the hair stroke. 1) Hair stroke length. The hair stroke must be similar in length to the surrounding hair strokes, but not precisely the same length so as to mimic the natural variety of real eyebrow hair. 2) The curvature of each hair stroke. Natural hair is not perfectly straight, nor is it sharply curved. I match the curvature of each hair stroke to the natural curvature of your individual natural brows hairs. If you don't have any existing brow hair, I will mimic a the curvature of a natural brow hair. 3) I add each stroke at an angle that mimics both the natural angle of real eyebrow hair, and also the natural variation of real eyebrow hair. This meticulous attention to detail makes the hair strokes that I add nearly indistinguishable from real eyebrow hair.

Unlike me, many other microblading artists practice a generic brow pattern and then try to apply the generic pattern to your brows. This does not look natural. My approach takes more time to master, but the results speak for themselves. And 91+ perfect 5.0 testimonials suggest that my approach gives beautiful and natural results!

You will get attractive eyebrows with each hair stroke perfectly placed and shaped

I use a variety of microblading blades with different tip shapes to allow mimic the variety of eyebrow hair shapes that real natural brows have. For example, to draw more curved strokes I use a #18 U blade. Whereas, to draw straighter hair strokes I use a #12 angled blade. Blair T., said in her yelp review: “Just looking through Portia's before and after photos convinced me that she produced the most natural results.”

iShapeBrows, a good choice if you want a natural look

Don't make a mistake with your brows. The results are permanent. I am one of the top artists in Las Vegas and my testimonials prove that picking iShapeBrows for your eyerbrows is a smart choice!

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Pricing for Microblading

Initial Deposit


This is a non-refundable $100 deposit. If you choose to complete the treatment, the $100 deposit will be deducted from the price of your initial treatment.

Initial Treatment


Your balance is $665 after you pay the deposit to book this appointment

This price is only available for clients that have had NO previous work done on their brows and NO existing tattoo. Each appointment includes a mini-consult before we start the procedure, a 30 minute numbing period, then sketching the brows and choosing the pigment color best for you. Finally, the microblading process begins. The 1st touch-up, 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment, is included in the price of the initial treatment. If you have little to no natural brows a $130 charge is added because extra strokes are neccessary to provide a full 3d effect when there is no existing natural brow hair.

Combo Initial Treatment (Microblading + Shading)


Your balance is $775 after you pay the deposit to book this appointment

This price is only available for clients that have had NO previous work done on their brows. This combines perfect brow strokes that look like perfect natural hair with shading to give your brows a perfect powder makeup look.

First touch-up, missed appointment fee


The initial touch-up is free. However, if you miss your first touch-up appointment, then your rescheduled first touch-up will cost $60.

3-6 Month touch-up**


7mo-1yr touch-up**


1-2yr(s) touch-up**


If you wait longer than two years, then you will pay the full initial price. Generally, I recommend that you do not wait longer than two years for your touch-ups.

Cover-up existing work


Your balance is $825 after you pay the deposit to book this appointment

When there is existing permanent makeup or a brow tattoo that needs to be covered up.

* Prices are subject to change at any time.

To get perfect eyebrows you love, Book now, because I only book 2 days of appointments per week and my schedule fills up quickly!

To get perfect, natural brows, schedule your appointment now, because I only book up to three days of appointments per week and my schedule fills up quickly. To book, call or text me (Portia) at: (702) 885-9551. See my current prices.

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