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Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

I specialize in natural microblading & permanent makeup results; I have 41+ certifications in microblading & permanent makeup

I'm one of the most certified microblading artists in Las Vegas. I never stop perfecting my skills. That's why I have 41+ TOTAL CERTIFICATIONS for permanent makeup.

My training helps me give my clients THE MOST NATURAL RESULTS.

I NEVER stop learning! Over the last 6 years alone, I've spent over $10,000 on training to learn NEW secrets to give you NATURAL microblading & permanent makeup results.

For example...

  1. In 2018, I was certified 👩‍🎓 in the "Extreme Natural Microblading" technique invented by Croatian artist, Ksenija Karabegovic. Ksenija's technique helps me give you natural brows that don't look microbladed.
  2. In March 2023, I spent $3,000+ traveling ✈ 5,217 miles to London, UK to train with Stefanie Toms. In many's opinion, Stefanie is the best eyeliner artist in the world right now. Stefanie taught me how to get eyeliner results that heal crisper and last longer. For example, Stefanie showed me what her research on the best pigments and needles in the world today to maximize pigment retention.
  3. In 2017, I traveled ✈ 7,266 miles to Hong Kong to train with world famous permanent makeup artist Rebecca Chung . A permanent makeup masterclass with Rebecca can cost as much as $4,990. What I learned from Rebecca helps me give you results that are top-quality professional and heal beautifully.
  4. In 2017, I traveled to Beverly Hills to get certified in "Ombré brows, lips, and eyeliner" by Greek artists: Daria Chuprys and Konstantinos Angelopoulos. Her training helped me learn how to produce high-quality results that high-paying clients, like those in Beverly Hills, feel are worth every penny.
  5. In 2017, I got certified in the "U-Flat Hairstroke Eyebrows" by Roman Klosovskyi from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Eastern Europe. Your face is unique. Getting certified in many different eyebrow techniques helps me adapt your brows to look natural and beautiful for your face and bone structure.
  6. In 2017, I was certified in the "Stardust Eye Shadow" by Russian American artist, Kristina Melnicenco in Dallas, Texas. Her technique helps me give you that soft powdery glam makeup look for Ombré powder brows, powder eye shadow, and my other powder makeup services.
  7. In 2017, I was also certified in "Classic Eyeliner - 100% retention" by British Permanent Makeup Artist, Andrea Toth. Learning this technique is one reason my results last longer; so you need fewer touch-ups, depending on your skin type.
  8. I'm two times certified by Lithuanian artist, Veronika Linkuite, in her "Kissable lips" technique and her "Machine shaded strokes" which gives a more beautiful and softer finish to your permanent makeup for Ombré powder techniques. I mix the best of Daria's, Kristina's, and Veronika's different Ombré powder techniques to give you results that are gorgeous and natural.
  9. I'm triple-certified in permanent makeup color theory. My certifications in color theory help me give you perfect color to match your hair and skin tone. For example, I've been trained by Russian Artist, Yulia Demidova, who flew over five thousand miles from Moscow to Las Vegas to teach her advanced color research.

Those are just some of my 41+ certifications.

As you can see, I've traveled the world to train with the best permanent makeup artists in the United States, Europe, and Asia. I spare no cost, so that I can give you the best permanent makeup money can buy.

I am one of the most experienced microblading artists in Las Vegas with more than 1,626+ procedures completed , and 91+ 5-Star reviews on Yelp

Microblading & permanent makeup go on your face! 😬😬 So, as a client, you want to hire someone with EXPERIENCE!

IT ISN'T WORTH IT to try to save money and then end up with HORRIBLE BROWS, 😭 lips, or eyeliner that makes you feel embarrassed 😳 to go outside.

You'd be surprised how many clients come to me after trying someone else with less experience Sometimes the damage is too much for me to fix. 😢

Save yourself the heart-ache! 💔 If you don't want to book with me, that's ok, but please make sure you go to someone who is experienced and well trained!

My 5-star rating on Yelp, 41+ certifications, and HUNDREDS of completed procedures can help you feel confident you will love your natural results

I can't wait to have you join my 1,379+ happy clients.

Below are highlights from 8 of my 91+ 5-star reviews on Yelp

Karyl B. said in her help review: “What can I say?! Portia is amazing at what she does! I originally had powdered filled brows done on me. Over time it faded. I only have hair in the front part of my brows and none towards the middle and tail end of my brow. I would fill them in with brow powder to hide my bald areas. Portia was able to transform the look of my brows by microblading them and creating a little higher arch. I absolutely love how they look now. When I saw the hair like strokes, I literally cried! I was so happy! I haven’t seen my brows like that since I was a teen. MOST IMPORTANTLY…THE WHOLE PROCEDURE WAS PAINLESS! THANK YOU, PORTIA!”

Blair T, said after her microblading, “People have told me my results look really good and natural! I would have to agree!”

Christie B. said, “Portia is absolutely AMAZING!!!! This was my first time doing microblading so I was a bit scared. When I first met her, she instantly put my mind at ease. And her work speaks for itself!! She is absolutely the best hands down! I am so in love with my new brows!! She is an absolute miracle worker!! :)”

Brittany D. liked her brows so much she scheduled her mom and referred her friends. She said, “My eyebrows look excellent and so natural! I was so excited how mine turned out that I scheduled my mom to get her eyebrows done. My mom had barely ANY eyebrows so the difference was a-MAZ-ing! Portia is SO worth the extra cost. I’ve already referred my friends to her and will continue to do so.”

Denise C. said, “Portia I could never thank you enough for correcting my brows…I went from being semi cute to “ahhhh girl you is fine”

Shawna K. flew all the way from Hawaii to have me do her brows, “Portia is the best!!! I flew in from Hawaii to have Portia do my brows. I love her work ! I’m very very picky and I’m very happy with my brows! Brows on fleek! I highly recommend Portia if you want Awesome brows.”

Eyoshi C. said now she has perfect brows that are on fleek, “I chose [Portia] because the work she displayed on her site was amazing. I strongly believe that a lot has to do with how good of an artist you are especially for this sort of procedure. I couldn’t be happier now that my brows are on fleek and no more spending 10-15 min a day to get my brows penciled in. I can enjoy those extra minutes in bed in the morning! Thank you Portia !!!”

Amanda S. said, “I used to have light brows with bald spots in the middle. Now my brows are full, and they look natural. I’m so glad I made this decision!”

My clients' results are so natural, my work has attracted clients FROM ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES

For example, clients have come to visit me from:

  • Hawaii
  • California
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • Arizona
  • Reno
  • And elsewhere...

I've even had clients fly ✈ from other countries to have an appointment with me 😬 because they want the most NATURAL results

For example, one of my clients traveled 7,683 miles from Iran! because she loved the natural results from my permanent makeup work.

I won't rush you! I enjoy taking the time to make sure that you walk away with flawless microblading & permanent makeup

  • Before we start, I make sure you have the perfect color you want.
  • If you're in for an eyebrow appointment, I work with you to make sure we give you the perfect shape. For example...
    • If you prefer a soft arch, I can give you a soft arch.
    • If you prefer dramatic arches, I can give you dramatic arches.
    • I don't use templates for your brows because templates can look like someone put a sticker on your face 😬😬. For your results to be natural, I custom design the shape of your brows to match your unique face
      • (NOTE: Learning how to do your brows without templates required special training, which is one reason why I'm a bit more expensive, but it is one of the many reasons my clients get such natural results.)

I want you to feel like my customer, Denise C. She said in her Yelp review “I went from being semi cute to “ahhhh girl you is fine” 🤣😂🤣

In summary! I've worked on the brows of Major League Baseball players’ wives! World Champion Barrel Racer Fallon Taylor! A Nascar driver's wife! Clients who have flown two thousand miles from Hawaii; And over seven thousand miles to see me from the Middle-East! I've completed 1,626+ procedures. I have 41+ certifications. 91+ 5-Star reviews. Don't risk your face on someone with less experience! Make the choice you won't regret! You can be confident I have the experience and the skills to do a BEAUTIFUL job on your permanent makeup!

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