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Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

Microblading / Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal

We can help you get rid of bad microblading or permanent makeup.

What technique will we use to remove your tattoo?

We use a method called Saline Tattoo Removal. Saline tattoo removal works by pushing a saline salt solution into the skin where your tattoo is. To push the saline solution into the skin, we use similar tattoo and/or permanent makeup tools to those used when you first got the tattoo. The saline solution helps to dilute the pigment in your skin. When your body pushes out the saline solution it pulls out some of the tattoo ink with it.

What are the benefits of saline tattoo removal?

Saline tattoo removal can be safer and less painful than laser tattoo removal. It also does not have the risk of your tattoo becoming darker, as with laser tattoo removal. Additionally, saline tattoo removal works on all skin colors and all types of pigments (though it works better on some types of pigments than others -- effectiveness is easiest to determine after the first procedure). The saline tattoo removal method can work on some pigments that laser tattoo removal is unable to break down.

Will your tattoo be removed completely?

With enough saline treatments, some tattoos will dissapear completely. Other tattoos will fade light enough to have permanent make-up re-applied over, but will not completely dissapear. Whether your previous permanent makeup or tattoo dissapears completely depends on how deep your tattoo is and how long ago you got the tattoo. In most cases the tattoo will not dissapear completely, but it will become lighter, at which point you and I can then take further corrective action, such as applying permanent makeup over the old tattoo.

Does saline tattoo removal work for permanent makeup tattoos like bad microblading or bad permanent makeup?

Yes. One of the primary applications for saline tattoo removal is to remove bad permanent makeup pigment. As I mentioned previously, there is no guarantee the old pigment will dissapear completely, but once it has faded enough we can can consider additional options such as applying new permanent makeup to mask the old permanent makeup.

How many treatments are required?

This treatment usually takes 3 - 4 procedures. However, your results will depend on how long you have had the tattoo and how deep the tattoo is. After your first treatment has healed, we will look at how much your tattoo lightened and will get a better feel for how many procedures might be required for your tattoo.

How much time is required between treatments?

Because saline tattoo removal uses the same tools as applying permanent makeup, the healing times are similar. Thus your treatments must be at least 3 to 4 weeks apart to give your skin time to heal.

Pricing for Tattoo Removal

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Angel removal is a tattoo removal product designed specifically for eyebrows. I use a simple 3-step technique and process that is designed to remove permanent makeup pigment from the skin.

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