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Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner / Lash enhancement - Wake up with perfect eyeliner every morning

We offer you three different eyeliner styles from subtle (almost invisible) to dreamy and dramatic. Below we explain the three eyeliner styles so that you can pick the eyeliner that is natural for your face and fits your daily beauty preferences.

Understanding the Three Eyeliner Styles: Lash Enhancement, Classic Winged Eyeliner, and Soft Shaded Eyeliner

Why Get Permanent Eyeliner

Our clients opt for permanent makeup eyeliner primarily for: convenience and consistency in their daily routine.

You get:

  1. A consistently polished look without the daily effort. This makes it perfect for busy professionals.
  2. A smudge-free appearance regardless of activities like swimming or a gym workouts.
  3. Extra time each morning, because you wake up with your eyeliner done. You don’t need to apply eyeliner every day.

Permanent eyeliner is particularly beneficial for those with unsteady hands, vision issues, or allergies to conventional makeup.

Breaking Down the Three Different Style of Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner Style #1: Lash Enhancement: A subtle, natural, almost invisible look

Lash Enhancement is the most understated procedure. It makes your eyelashes appear fuller and my defined by “filling in gaps between your lashes,”.

It’s almost invisible because we only place the pigment along your lash line. We try to avoid putting any pigment on the eyelid itself.

Lash enhancement
Above: Real Lash Enhancement for one of Portia's clients
One more important detail regarding Lash Enhancement

As mentioned, the key to lash enhancement is its subtlety. It’s not just about darkening the lash line but also about creating an illusion of density and depth.

We do add a small flick at the end of your lash line (not to be mistaken for a wing). This is REQUIRED so that we avoid making your eyes look smaller or sad.

Important: When choosing a permanent makeup artist, make sure your artist understands the flick at the end. Otherwise, you could end up with eyes that look small or sad.

This flick is a delicate touch that enhances the feminine allure without being overt.

Eyeliner Style #2: Classic Winged Eyeliner: Bold and Beautiful

If you like a more visible eyeliner, Classic Winged Eyeliner is what you probably want.

Classic Winged eyeliner is more visible than Lash Enhancement.

To create this style we start with lash enhancement, but we add extra pigment on the eyelid so that the eyeliner is more visible.

Crafting the Perfect Wing

Classic Winged Eyeliner has the iconic wing.

This wing is crucial because it keeps the balance and beauty of your eyes. Without the wing, your eyeliner will appear overpowering.

Classic winged eyeliner
Above: Real Classic Winged Eyeliner by Portia

Important: When choosing a permanent makeup artist, make sure they understand the importance of the wing! Classic eyeliner without the wing will make your eyes look puffy.

The wing accentuates your eyes’ natural shape and adds grace and femininity. It is very important. That is why we will never do your classic eyeliner without the wing!

Eyeliner Style #3: Soft Shaded Eyeliner: The Most Dramatic

Soft shaded eyeliner
Above: Real Soft Shaded Eyeliner for one of Portia's clients

Soft Shaded Eyeliner combines Lash Enhancement, Classic Winged Eyeliner, AND SHADING.

Soft Shaded eyeliner is the eyeliner style for those who want gorgeous, dramatic eyes.

The Elegance of Shading

Adding shading gives you a soft makeup effect. It is a sophisticated choice that elevates the classic wing to a more dramatic and intense level.

In Soft Shaded Eyeliner, the shading is applied above your Classic Winged Eyeliner.

We create this look in three steps.

Step #1: First we do the Lash Enhancement Step #2: Then we add pigment to the eyelid to create the Classic Winged Eyeliner effect Step #3: We add the shading

Shading adds depth and dimension, giving a smoked eyeliner look.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Style

For your permanent eyeliner, you want a style that you will feel comfortable with every day.

In summary:

  1. Choose “Lash Enhancement” if you want a very subtle, almost invisible look
  2. Choose “Classic Winged Eyeliner” if you want a more visible eyeliner
  3. Choose “Soft Shaded Eyeliner” if you want the dramatic, polished look of full powdery makeup

We hope this article helps you pick the perfect eyeliner for your beauty goals, needs, and style!

We can’t wait to see you when you come in for your eyeliner appointment! We promise you’ll LOVE the results! And, at your appointment, before we apply the pigment, we always make sure you’ve picked the perfect style for your personal goals. Never have crooked or smudged eyeliner again. Start saving time today. Schedule your appointment now and get the gorgeous, natural eyeliner that is perfect for your face!

Pricing for Eyeliner (More detailed pricing under "Book Now" in menu)

Initial Deposit


This is a non-refundable $100 deposit. If you choose to complete the treatment, the $100 deposit will be deducted from the price of your initial treatment.

Natural permanent upper eyeliner


Your balance is $470 after you pay the deposit to book this appointment

Only eyelash enhancement on the lash line. No Stardust or Winged eyeliner.

Eye liner below


Your balance is $135 after you pay the deposit to book this appointment

Top & Bottom liner


Your balance is $550 after you pay the deposit to book this appointment

Only eyelash enhancement on the lash line. No Stardust or Winged eyeliner.

Touch-up Top and Bottom** 3-6 months


Touch-up Top and Bottom** 7mo-1yr


1-2 years touch-up**


If you wait longer than two years, then you will pay the full initial price. Generally, I recommend that you do not wait longer than two years for your touch-ups.

* Prices are subject to change at any time.

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