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Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

All-Natural PLANT-BASED Teeth whitening

Get a smile you can feel CONFIDENT about. Our teeth whitening is healthier for your body because it is PLANT-BASED.

On Average Our PLANT-BASED Teeth Whitening System Will Get Your Teeth 5 - 14 Shades Lighter

We Use Davinci Teeth Whitening Systems, A SAFE & FAST Way To Whiten Your Teeth

Our Davinci system uses natural plants and minerals; so it's safer for your body, teeth, and gums than many of the harsher teeth whitening systems used by other teeth whitening services.

Our Owner Has 17 YEARS Of Dental EXPERIENCE, So You Can Feel Confident Your Teeth Are In Good Hands

Prior to opening iShapeBrows, Portia worked for Summerlin Orthodonist, Robert Thalgott putting braces on kids and adults.

She also worked for and managed orthodontist offices here in Las Vegas, such as: Griffiths & Simister, and Feller Orthodontics. She was often the top requested assistant at those offices for putting braces on clients.

Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Portia also worked in orthodontics offices in San Diego.

Prior To Moving To Las Vegas, Our Owner Also Worked In Orthodontics Offices In San Diego, California

All-natural plant based teeth whitening for this client
Above: This client was REALLY HAPPY with her teeth-whitening results. She said she had never had white teeth before. 😢
Teeth whitening for a client here at our las vegas shop
Above: This client came in thinking her teeth were already white, but when she saw the difference she couldn't believe it! And she LOVED that our teeth-whitening is better for her body because it is ALL-NATURAL, using just plants and minerals.

Our Owner Has Personally Trained Each Technician At iShapeBrows

In addition, each technician is also individually certified.

Don't Wait To Get A BRIGTHER, WHITER SMILE! You've Been Wanting To Do It! This Is A PERFECT TIME For You To Get Rid Of Yellowing Teeth So That You Can SMILE WITH MORE CONFIDENCE!

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So Book NOW; And Get Teeth 5 - 14 Shades Lighter Without ANY Harmful Chemicals & Solvents, Just Plants & Minerals

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You can come by to freshen up your teeth whitening from time to time. (The initial deposit you pay when you make the appointment is subtracted from this amount, so that you only pay the balance on the day of the appointment.) Remember, your second treatment is FREE if you take advantage of the LIMITED time offer explained above.

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