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Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

About My (Portia's) Company iShapeBrows, LLC

Over 1,626+ successful procedures. 91+ perfect 5.0 ratings on Yelp. Perfect permanent makeup results.

A picture of all of our microblading and permanent makeup artists
Above: Your artists. From top, left to right: Portia (the Founder & Owner), Sofia, Olivia, and Jeneta.

"Just looking through Portia's before and after photos convinced me that she produced the most natural results."

Blair T., in her Yelp Review

A Perfect 5.0 Rating on Yelp

As of this writing my business iShapeBrows, LLC has an incredible, 91+ 5-star ratings on Yelp for a perfect 5.0 Yelp rating!!

Of course, no artists are perfect, but if you want perfect permanent makeup, we are some of the best in Las Vegas based on our Yelp rating.

IMPORTANT: If you don't want natural looking permanent makeup, we deeply apologize, but please choose a different group of artists. We only do natural-looking permanent makeup.

iShapeBrows, a good choice if you want perfect natural permanent makeup

Don't make a mistake with your face. The results are permanent.

We are some of the top artists in Las Vegas and our testimonials prove that picking iShapeBrows for your eyebrows is a smart choice!

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