Perfect Microblading & Natural Permanent Makeup

Microblading Apprenticeship

Portia offers a 6-month microblading and PMU apprenticeship program for new microblading and permanent makeup artists so that you can get your Las Vegas, NV microblading permit from the Clark County health department.

Looking to get established in Las Vegas?

If you are a new permanent makeup artists, or an artist relocating to Las Vegas, the Clark County health deparment requires that you apprentice with an existing artist for six months.

Then you can can get your permit! 🙌

Portia has helped many PMU artists get their start here in Las Vegas! 😊

Las Vegas microblading artist Portia Ijidakinro
Above: Portia is 41-times certified and has done over 7-figures since starting her business. She loves helping artists like you get started here in Las Vegas.

Below are just some of the things Portia's apprentices have accomplished:

  • Opened their own multi-artist salons here in Las Vegas
  • Launched their own Las Vegas conference(s) for permanent makeup artists with over a thousand students
  • Gained recognition by national ink manufacturers such as Permablend pigments

Portia herself is a 41+ times certified permanent makup artist with certificates from microblading & permanent makeup artists in over 7 different countries.

Portia will help you get the best results for your clients.

How long is your apprenticeship?

Six months is required by the Clark County Health Department.

After you complete your apprenticeship, then you can get your permit! 😀

What is included with your apprenticeship?

Portia will be there to guide you so that you can be ready to do permanent makeup on real clients.

To begin, you will do tasks like helping Portia's clients get prepared for their proceduress (for example by numbing clients). This will help you get the hang of setting up and cleaning trays before & after treatments.

You will also learn what the health department requires for all new artists regarding blood-borne pathogens.

You will also get to:

  • Shadow Portia as she works on her clients
  • See how Portia works on oily, dry, and normal skin
  • See how Portia works on different skin melanation (different shades of skin)
  • See how Portia mixes pigments to get the correct healed color for clients
  • Perfect your hand pressure and motion to get better healed results

As you advance, Portia will help you learn how to market yourself so that you can start getting clients. And, her in-house marketing team will also help you get clients so that you can start to establish yourself in Las Vegas.

Important: Portia only takes one or two apprentices at a time.

Contact Portia now by text message or email to ask if she still has spaces available. You can find her contact information here.

For relocating artists (e.g. artists with previous out-of-state experience)

Portia also provide apprenticeships for experienced artists who have recently moved to Las Vegas and need to complete a six-month apprenticship to get their permit for Clark County.

Because you already know the basics, during your six months our main goal will be to help you establish yourself here in Las Vegas.

Benefit of working with Portia

Portia has over 7-years of experience in Las Vegas.

Also, Portia's client schedule is full each week. This helps you see lots of different types of procedures.

Portia will help you learn how to get clients.

How your apprenticiship with Portia will work

How often will you come into the salon?

Portia has her apprentices shadow her on Mondays and Thursdays.

You will be able to discuss with Portia which day works best for your schedule.

How much will your apprenticeship cost?

The price for your apprenticeship is $3500.

Payment plans

Portia does have a payment plan, so you don't have to pay the full apprenticeship fee at once.

Month 1: $1500 Month 2: $1000 Month 3: $1000


When you pay the full cost up-front you get a $500 discount

Which payment plan you prefer is your choice.

Working on paying clients

To work on paying clients, Portia has a list of requirements you must first complete and pass.

These requirements should be easy for you, but they help Portia see that you understand all of the basics.

Below are the requirements she will ask you to complete:

  • Do a left and a right brow Microblading or Ombré Brows on a latex skin
  • Do a set of Microblading or Ombré brows done on a latex skin or Lip Shading
  • Map eyebrows or lips on a live model
  • Provide a copy of your required certification of completion from your PMU trainer.
  • Provide pictures of the Microblading, Powder brows, or Lip Shading you did on your live model during your training.

Recommendations to help you make more money

During your apprenticeship, when you start taking paying clients, we have a few recommendations to help you make more money.

We recommend not charging any lower than $300 unless for approved promotions you would like to have.

Please note, a 25% commission is asked from you per paying clients you have. This pays for supplies you will be using which are - dental bibs, station, bed, light, sanitation wipes, and sharp disposable.

Also, you will have to provide your gloves and disposable products you use for each of your clients. For example: pigments, aftercare, blades, Q-tips & baby wipes used during procedures.

Getting your business license & insurance

To start working on a live client, you must have your business license & insurance.

To help you out, here's a link for the insurance Portia uses:

Nevada (Clark County) apprenticeship requirements

The Southern Nevada Health District uses an apprentice program to make sure body artists have basic knowledge of what cause blood-borne diseases and steps to prevent the spread of these diseases.

Before you can start your apprenticeship

Before you can start your apprenticeship, you will need to get your Microblading Apprentice Card.

Your mentor MUST have a SNHD Body Art Mentor Card

Portia has her SNHD Body Art Mentor Card and stays up-to-date with all of the latest regulations.

After you complete your apprenticeship and you pass the Health Districts sanitation exam, you will get a Body Art Card

Your Body Art Card proves you completed a current blood borne pathogens training program and have at least 6 months of experience in body art training.

Your Blood-Borne Pathogen Training

The Blood-borne Pathogens course is designed to protect you and your clients from on-the-job exposure to blood and other bodily fluids in the workplace.

You MUST complete this training in order to receive a Body Art/Microblading Card.

The Blood-borne pathogen training will teach you:

  • How blood-borne pathogens are spread
  • How to avoid being exposed to infectious material
  • How to avoid exposing your clients
  • What to do if you or someone else is exposed to infectious material

Your Body Art & Microblading Card

Artists in Clark County that provide microblading services must have a body art microblading card.

In order to get your microblading card, you must make an appointment to take the exam.

Appointments are held at the Food Handler Card Suite at:

Southern Nevada Health District Main Facility - Map 280 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (702) 759-1099

Eligibility for a Microblading Card

To get your body art card, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least 6 months of experience or training
  • Possess current certification in infectious disease training. This is evidence that they have successfully completed a course on blood borne disease transmission that meets the requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.
  • Complete the Body Art/Microblading Application
  • Obtain a score of at least 80 percent on the Heath District's multiple choice examination.

For more information about the Body Art/Microblading Card , visit:

Important: Portia only takes one or two apprentices at a time.

Contact Portia now by text message or email to ask if she still has spaces available. You can find her contact information here.

Still trying to get your initial certification?

If you're not ready for an apprenticeship, read this article to learn more about how to become a microblading artist.