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Lash Lift with Olivia

Get gorgeous, curled lashes without extensions. A lash lift makes your lashes look longer, and your eyes more dramatic.

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is an eyelash-enhancing technique where we curl your lashes from the base to the tip so that you can see the full length of them. Think of it like a perm for your lashes!

Who will do your Lash lift?

Your lash lift will be done by Olivia -- our in-house esthi! 😊

How long will your lash lift last?

Depending on how well you take care of your lashes, your Lash Lift should last 4 to 6 weeks (Reference: Healthline.com , Accessed July 2022.). On the higher end, eight weeks is possible... However, 4 to 6 weeks is more typical.

There are 3 factors that determine how long your lash lift will last

  1. Your first 48 hours of aftercare

    The curl of your lashes will continue to set for up to 48-hours after your appointment.

    Olivia (our in-house esthi and your lash-lift technician) will give you instructions on how to clean your lashes after your appointment.

    By carefully following Olivia's instructions, you will get better results. 😊

  2. Your daily lash routine

    1. Avoid waterproof mascara formulas (Reference: Makeup.com , Accessed July 2022)

      Using lots of waterproof mascara slowly kills the curl from your lash lift.

    2. Avoid excessive eye rubbing (Reference: Elle.com , Accessed July 2022)

      The more you rub your eyes, the faster it un-curls the beautiful curl from your lash lift.

    3. Avoid eye masks and eyelash curlers (Reference: Healthline.com , Accessed July 2022.)

    4. Only use oil-free makeup removers and cleansers (Reference: Elle.com , Accessed July 2022)

    5. Finally... Keep your lashes healthy! For example, 2-3 times a week you can apply a tiny bit of castor oil to keep your lash hair strong. (Reference: Elle.com , Accessed July 2022)

  3. How fast your lashes grow naturally

    The lash lift can only perm the hair you had on the day of the procedure. If your eyelashes grow like a weed, πŸ˜† you'll be seeing Olivia more often! πŸ˜‚

Benefits of a Lash Lift Versus Extensions

If you don't like lash extensions, a lash lift is a good alternative.

  • Your lash lift will take about half the time as a lash extension appointment (We will typically finish your lash lift in an hour or less, versus up to 3 hours for lash extensions. 😬 Reference: Google.com )
  • Our lash-lift technique gives you natural lashes that look long and curved, without glue or fake-looking falsies
  • When we do your lash lift, you won't get those embarassing gaps you get from lash extensions when lashes fall out
  • Your lash lift should last longer than extensions

How is your lash lift done?

Olivia uses a tiny curling rod and lifting solutions to give your lashes a beautiful, semi-permanent curl.

The picture below shows the procedure step-by-step.

Lash-lift step-by-step process
Above: The lash lift step-by-step process

Absolutely no glue or fake lashes are used. However, the results achieved after the procedure will leave your lashes looking longer and perfectly curled.

We have two recommendations for you, so that you can get the best results

#1: Book your appointment with a certified expert

A lash lift uses chemicals to give your lashes "a perm".

If your technician is not a certified expert, she could expose your lashes to the chemicals for too long, which can damage your natural lashes.

Olivia is a certified esthi.

In addition, Olivia is certified, licensed, and insured to do lash lifts and tint here in Las Vegas. πŸ‘

#2: If you've never had a lash lift before, email Olivia a picture of your lashes

Olivia will tell you if your lashes are likely to get good results.

Note: A lash lift is designed to work on anyone's lashes, no matter your lashes length or color. But... You'll get the best results if you have long, straight lashes. When you send Olivia a picture of your lashes, she can tell you what sort of results you can expect. If you've had a lash lift before, an email consultation is not neccessary.

How long will your lash lift appointment take?

Olivia needs 45-60 minutes to finish your lash lift.

Six Common Lash Lift Questions

Q1. What Chemicals Does Our Lash Lift Use?

Answer: Lash lifts are considered safe. However, a lash lift does use chemicals to relax the hair and then set your new curl.

The following are the primary ingredients in our lash perm solutions:

  • Polyacrylamide
  • Thioglycolic acid
  • Propylene glycol
  • Methylparaben
  • Purified water
  • Monoethanolamine

The main ingredients in the lash setting solution are:

  • Sodium bromate
  • Polyacrylamide
  • Polysorbate
  • Purified water
  • Propylene glycol
  • Methylparaben
  • Synthetic keratin

Also, note, we use adhesive to temporarily attach your lashes to a silicone roller during the procedure. (This roller helps us give your lashes your new gorgeous curl.)

After we attach your lashes to the silicone roller, we use the first solution mentioned above to break down the disulfide bonds in each strand of lash hair.

Breaking down the disulfide bonds causes your lash hairs to relax.

We then use the setting solution to reconnect the disulfide bonds in each strand of your lashes.

Restoring the disulfide bonds causes your lashes to hold their new curled shape.

Note: Lash lifts are sometimes paired with tinting. If you opted for our lash lift and lash tint, we use additional solutions to color your lash hairs.

Q2. How Do the Chemicals Curl My Lashes?

Answer: This is going to get a little technical. 😬 Bear with us.

Keratin, a type of protein, gives your hair its shape.

In keratin is the amino acid cysteine -- as much as 7% to 20%. (Source: Sciencedirect.com , Accessed 08/05/2022).

Cysteine forms disulfide bonds, which help stiffen your lash hairs (Source: Sciencedirect.com , Accessed 08/05/2022).

Our lash perm solution softens your lashes by breaking down the disulfide bonds in each strand of hair.

For example, the Thioglycolic acid we mentioned above is a common chemical used in beauty products to break down disfulfide bonds in hair and nails (to soften or relax).

Once your lash hairs relax, we can shape them.

We use the silicon roller to curl each lash hair around the roller.

Now that your lash hairs are shaped to the new curl, we use the setting solution to restore the disulfide bonds in your lash hairs.

Restoring the disulfide causes each lash hair to re-stiffen (Source: Royal Society of Chemistry , Accessed: 08/06/2022.) and hold the new curl!

Polyacrylamide, in the setting lotion, helps each lash-hair hold its curl by preventing each hair from collecting too much curl-destroying moisture. (Truthinaging.com, Accessed: 8/05/2022)

As you can see, each chemical in the solutions we use for your lash lift help either break down or rebuild the disulfide bonds in your hair. And help your lash lift curl last longer!

Q3. What Are the Possible Side Effects of Lash Lift?

Answer: There are certain risks when receiving a lash lift. And if you have certain medical problems, this treatment may not be good for you.

Because this treatment takes place close to your eyes, you could suffer from painful contact dermatitis and allergic reactions.

If you go to a salon with poor training, experience, and knowledge, you could also suffer eye injuries caused by incorrect chemical usage.

If the solution gets into your eye, it will cause significant discomfort, and can even result in a chemical burn or ulcer.

Do NOT rub your eyes during the procedure. And follow the after-care Olivia gives you. If you fail to follow these instructions, you can risk corneal abrasion if you massage your sore eye or accidentally scratch it.

Again, you can reduce these hazards by ensuring that your lash technician is qualified according to the Clark County and Las Vegas health guidelines.

Also, make sure to inform Olivia regarding any medical conditions you have that may impact the procedure.

Q4. Can I Use Waterproof Mascara? Why not?

Answer: Waterproof mascara is more difficult to remove. As you try to remove the mascara you're putting more stress on your lashes.

To make your perfect lash lift curl last longer, use water-based mascara.

Q5. Can I Rub My Lashes? Why Not?

Answer: Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your lashes too much after your lift. The more your touch your lashes, the faster you damage your curl.

I mean... honestly, you can rub your lashes as much as you want, but you're going to be coming back to Olivia sooner to refresh your curl! πŸ˜†

When you rub your eyes, the friction causes your lashes to twist out of position.

But, if your eyes are itchy or dry after your lash lift, we recommend you keep moisturizing eye drops on hand and use those instead of rubbing your eyes. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Don't stress about it too much though! If you need to rub your eyes, it's not the end of the world!!

Q6. Can I Wash My Lashes? Why Not?

Answer: Allow 24 hours for that perfect lash-lift curl set properly.

Remember, while your lash-lift curl is setting, the setting solution is helping to rebuild the disulphide bonds between the keratin proteins in your lashes (Source: Royal Society of Chemistry , Accessed: 08/06/2022.).

Getting your lashes wet can interfere with that process, leaving you with lashes that don't hold that perfect curl! 😒

After the 24-hour wait, you can wash your face as usual, just be gentle around your lashes!

Book your lash lift now while Olivia has openings!

As you can see from reading the above, we're the experts on lash lifts here in Las Vegas!

After reading all of this information, who would you trust to do your lash lift more than Olivia!? πŸ€”

So, now that you've read all of this information, it's time to get natural longer-looking lashes with a perfect, gorgeous curl! Book your appointment, now!



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