We have 71+ perfect 5.0 reviews on Yelp, 10,600+ followers on Instagram, and 373+ happy permanent makeup clients. We're based in Las Vegas, NV.

Perfect, Natural Permanent Makeup

About Me

Over 565+ successful procedures. 71+ perfect 5.0 ratings on Yelp. Perfect permanent makeup results.

I am a Permanent Makeup Artist Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have trained with world renowned artists Rebecca Chung, based in London and Hong Kong, and Daria Chuprys and Konstantinos Angelopoulos, the highly respected Beverly Hills based microblading and permanent makeup artists.

I have completed training by 13 different permanent makeup artists. 12 of those artists are internationally recognized. I have trained under internationally recognized permanent makeup trainers from 7 different countries. Below are some of the artists that I have trained under in 2017 alone.

  • Aleksandra Wasik - Country: Poland, International expert and trainer (Certification: Microblading lips)
  • Ksenjia Karabegovic - Country: Croatia, Expert and trainer (Certification: Extreme natural look microblading)
  • Dr Vitaly Mikryukov - Country: Russia, International expert and trainer (Certification: Non-traumatic laser tattoo and PMU removal)
  • Roman Klosovskyi - Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Additional education and certification: Permanent makeup hairstroke eyebrows)
  • Svetlana Kuranova - Country: Russia, International expert and trainer (Certification: Permanent makeup cover up of post-operative scars)
  • Kritina Melnicenco - Country: United States, International expert and trainer (Certification: Stardust eye shadow)
  • Anna Savina - Russia, Expert and trainer (Certification: Permanent makeup concealer)
  • Valentin Dudukin - Russia, International expert and trainer (Additional education and certification: Natural lips permanent makeup)
  • Andrea Toth - United Kingdom, Expert and trainer (Additional education and certification: Classic permanent makeup eyeliner)
I have completed training in color theory to help you get a perfect color match with your natural hair and your skin tone. My training has taught me how to design perfect brow, eyeliner, and lip liner shapes and shades that look perfect and attractive.

"Just looking through Portia's before and after photos convinced me that she produced the most natural results."

Blair T., in her Yelp Review

10,600+ Followers Love my Work

I have 9,000+ followers for a reason. My peers and colleagues in the microblading business agree that you will get gorgeous brows that are perfect for your unique face, when you pick me to do your brows.

A Perfect 5.0 Rating on Yelp

As of this writing my business iShapeBrows has an incredible, 71+ 5-star ratings on Yelp for a perfect 5.0 Yelp rating!! Of course, no artist is perfect, but if you want perfect permanent makeup, I am one of the best in Las Vegas based on my Yelp rating.

iShapeBrows, a good choice if you want perfect permanent makeup

Don't make a mistake with your face. The results are permanent. I am one of the top artists in Las Vegas and my testimonials prove that picking iShapeBrows for your eyerbrows is a smart choice!

Book now, because I only book 3 days of appointments per week and my schedule fills up quickly!

If you want perfect, natural permanent makeup, book now, because most months fill up quickly with appointments. I only schedule three days worth of appointments each week. To book, text or call me (Portia) at: (702) 885-9551.

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